Major Points From The Minor Prophets

Author: Blanchard, John

Publisher: Evangelical Press (through Ten Of Those)

Details: In what Rev George Curry calls a ‘twelve course feast’, John Blanchard enables us to see how these Minor Prophets reacted to the massive changes that swept through Israel and Judah in their lifetime. In the midst of corruption, we see God’s sovereignty, hatred of sin and his wonderful love. Gives a general grasp of each prophet and their main theme and message. A simple way to introduce these studies in the Minor Prophets will be to ask and answer these questions about them: Who were they? Why are they known as ‘Minor Prophets? When and where did they live? What was their ministry? What was their message? Once we have answers to these questions we will be in a position to look at the prophets’ main themes before focusing on one specific statement made by each one of them.

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