A Divine Cordial

Author: Watson, Thomas

Publisher: Counted Faithful

Details: 'But we know that [to] the ones loving God all things work together for good, [to] those being called according to purpose'' - Romans 8:28 This delectable book is an exposition of that verse, not neglecting the last phrase (as so many are apt to do). This is no pop treatment to pat the back of all professing Christians. It is a serious consideration of all things that go into making everything work together for good. This starts with the attributes of God, His promises and mercies, the graces of the Spirit, the intercession of Christ, etc. A key to understanding why and how things work together for good to ''the ones loving God'' lies in recognizing that all things begin with God's eternal decrees. Literally everything that happens was first decreed. For it is written, ''in whom we also have been chosen to an inheritance, being predestinated according to [the] purpose of the [One] working all things according to the counsel of His own will.

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