Teach Your Family The Truth

Author: Stone, Brian

Publisher: Day One Publications

Details: From the author: What you have in your hand is the end result of a family effort. The use of catechisms and confessions has been an invaluable help and tool to us in our family devotions. Over an extended period of time, as we have worked through the Westminster Shorter Catechism, we have taken the liberty of rephrasing the questions and answers, not only into modern English, but also at the same time endeavouring to add a Baptist understanding to the questions on baptism. Questions have been added where we felt the need for further understanding and application. Talking points have been added to encourage further thought and discussion on the questions. The Scriptural references, which you are encouraged to read, have, by and large, been taken from other catechisms, and they are essential to an understanding of the truth. The purpose of this current revision is to encourage Christian families in their family devotions with the aid of this Catechism. The talking points are there to stimulate discussion and to see what the level of understanding is among your children. Bible readings have been added which will take you through the Scriptures, in a Scripture reading plan. These readings are not related to the questions and answers. Reference to hymns is made throughout, as the use of these always helps to embed an understanding of the truth in the head as well as drive it into the heart.

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