Evolution's Achilles' Heels

Author: Carter, Robert (Editor)

Publisher: Creation Ministries

Details: This is one of the best and most well presented creationist books to come out in the last ten years and should be obtained and read by all who want to be able to answer and influence those they seek to talk to in any evolution / creation debate. It shows the major weaknesses the theory of evolution has in those areas it claims to be its strengths. Written by nine PhD scientists many of whom continue as leading specialists in their particular field of research. It is a very attractive presentation with full colour photos and various colours of text throughout. This book is a must for any one involved in scientific work or teaching and an invaluable book to give in witnessing. It is also a great help to Christians who want to be able to give answers to others, and who wish to once more be encouraged that the natural world gives abundant and powerful testimony to the God who created all things.

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