Review: How Can I Cultivate Private Prayer?

Private Prayerby Joel R. Beeke, Our Price: £1.85

There are times when every believer can struggle with their private prayer life. We can often feel a lack regarding the depth and extent of our praying. This booklet seeks to help.

The author starts by speaking of our need to take stock as to our praying and then reminds us of certain key points the Scriptures teach us about prayer – such as the value and priority of prayer and the need to sincere in our prayers.

Helpful advice is given as to how we can pray “without ceasing”. We are encouraged to be organised in our praying and to use the Bible as a guide.

We are reminded that we can only approach God by the person and work of Christ. We must plead God’s promises, realise that that the three persons of the Trinity are all involved in our praying, believe that God hears us and remember to aim for God’s glory, knowing that God sees our hearts and delights to use our prayers.

This book is packed with helpful counsel and is a great help to all who long to deepen their prayer lives and desire to know more of the blessing of private prayer.

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