Review: Is Church Membership Biblical?

Is Church Membership Biblicalby Ryan M. McGraw & Ryan Speck, Our Price: £1.85

This small booklet convincingly lays before us the necessity of church membership for those who profess to follow Christ. It shows how God sees His people as those belonging to a gathered and defined group of people.

That group of people is also described as a body and a family. The case is clearly made from the word of God that these Scriptural descriptions can only be fulfilled if we belong to a local church.

The interdependence and responsibility believers have to each other is also seen as necessitating church membership.

The Scriptural practices of rule by elders and church discipline become meaningless if there is no recognised church membership. Common objections to church membership are answered persuasively.

Independence and freedom of association are very much stressed in our society today. This can affect Christians who feel they should not be “tied down” by committing themselves to one particular church.

Such an attitude is not only going against the clear teaching of God’s word, but does not appreciate the privileges and blessing that are to be had from joining a faithful local church.

Those in Christ’s heavenly kingdom should join with the earthly body that reflects it.

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