Review: Jewels from John Newton (Daily Readings from the Works of John Newton)

John NewtonSelected by Miller Ferrie, Our Price £15.50

There is great spiritual help to be found in all of the writings by John Newton. This is a collection of daily readings from his works, which are mostly made up of his correspondence.

His Cardiphonia (letters) have been treasured by pastors for many years and give real insight and wisdom in how to deal with those who have various spiritual conditions and concerns.

The teaching of God’s word, Christian experience and practice are all beautifully combined and balanced in the counsel given by John Newton.

john Newton readily admits his own failures and struggles and uses the lessons he has learned to encourage others. Ever turning the reader to God’s grace and the riches we have in Christ, these readings provide much food and balm to the soul.

To read and meditate on the portion given for each day, cannot but deepens and gladden the believers walk with God.

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