Review: What is Repentance?

What is Repentanceby Jeremy Walker, Reformed Heritage Books, Our Price: £1.85

This booklet helpfully describes that which always accompanies saving faith in Christ – repentance. The spirit of the age says that we are not to feel bad about ourselves but to build up our own self esteem.

Yet we are told in the word of God that there is a need for repentance before we can know salvation. This is something that Christ, by His Spirit, gives to those who are truly brought into the kingdom. The Christian life is then to be one where we are often found repenting of sin.

The author shows us the true nature of repentance. It is first a turning from sin. This true turning from sin is more than just a remorse for the consequences or guilt sins brings. It fundamentally recognises that sin is against God.

Repentance is also a turning to God. Helpful portraits of repentance are then drawn out from the Scriptures so as to show its true quality and effect on the life of the one who knows it. Practical steps are then described so as to encourage this ongoing blessing of repentance from sin in the life and heart of the believer.

This booklet is one that every Christian should read, so as to remind themselves of the place of repentance in their daily lives. It gives help to pastors – reminding them of those elements they should look for in those who profess. It is also an excellent book to give to those who are seeking.

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