Review: Wonderfully Made – God’s Story of Life from Conception to Birth

God made usby Danika Cooley, Our Price: £6.99

(Discretion needed) God made us … and this beautifully illustrated book introduces children to the wonder of creation through the miracle of conception, formation in the womb and birth.

It describes the amazing development of a baby inside its mother and refers to all that God was doing and had planned in each stage of the growth of the baby.

Sensitively written and with lovely colour illustrations and information on the size and make up of  the growing baby, continual reference is made to the Scriptures (especially Psalm 139) so as to show the care and knowledge God has, even of a baby growing in the womb.

The fact that in the opening illustration sperms and eggs are seen to be coming together may mean that some parents may wish to wait until they are happy for the child to know of this. The text that accompanies this picture is discreet and written in a sensitive way, without going into too greater detail.

The book makes it clear that every baby is a precious  individual made in God’s image and that each one is fearfully and wonderfully made. A lovely book on how God made us.

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