We’re a Christian bookshop. We believe the Bible is true.

We do our best to ensure all our books are Bible-based and trustworthy.

We’re an outreach of Spring Road Evangelical Church in Southampton, which is an independent, reformed (Calvinist) Baptist church. The statement of belief of Spring Road Evangelical Church can be viewed by clicking here.

However, you don’t need to be a Baptist or a Christian to visit our shop or buy Bibles, books or resources. We welcome everyone!

You may be someone who’s looking at Christianity for the first time, perhaps you follow another religion, you’re an atheist, or you’re looking for a book that relates to events in your life.

Our warm and friendly team will always do our best to help and answer any questions regarding these issues and any questions you may have which concern the work and person of Jesus Christ and the teaching of Bible.

We have Bibles, books and teaching/learning resources for everyone.

It would be a pleasure to see you in person – or to serve you online.

The Mayflower Christian Bookshop team