Coffee Lounge

Visit our Coffee Lounge for hot drinks, free WiFi, plus books you can sit down and read …


If you’re a local person, a student or visiting our shop from further away, why not spend time and enjoy refreshments in our Coffee Lounge – at great prices (see below)?

The lounge is in a warm, bright area at the lower end of the Bookshop where customers can happily browse and read second-hand books while enjoying a hot drink . There is also free Wifi for students or for anyone wanting to use the Internet.

Hot drinks are served:
10am -2.30pm  Mon-Thursday
10am – 12.30pm  Fri & Sat

Hot Drinks (Clipper Fair trade Teas & Fair trade Espresso Bean Coffee)
Clipper Tea –  Pot for one       £1-25
Clipper Organic Herbal Teas – Pot for one   £1-35
Clipper Decaf £1-25
Americano £1-50
Latte/Cappuccino £1-65
Mocha   £1.85
Hot Choc £1-85
Delux £2-00
Kids size £1-50
Espresso £1-35
(Decaf Coffee available on all Coffee based Drinks)

Snacks:  Currently we have – Flapjack bars, Kettle crisps, Good quality biscuits, Panda Natural Liquorice sticks, Fairtrade Chocolate and Tunnocks caramel wafer bars…

Cold Drinks in the fridge – Coke, Diet coke, J20, Oasis, Rio  (all at lower prices than many other coffee shops).

Hope to see you in the Coffee Lounge!