Coffee Lounge

Visit our Cafe/Coffee Lounge and garden patio for hot drinks, milkshakes, snacks, free WiFi, plus books you can sit down and read …

 If you’re a local person, a student or visiting our shop from further away, why not spend time and enjoy refreshments in our Cafe/Coffee Lounge – at great prices (see below)?

The lounge is in a warm, bright area at the lower end of the Bookshop where customers can happily browse and read second-hand books while enjoying a hot drink. On fine days, it’s great to sit outside on our garden patio. There is also free Wifi for students or for anyone wanting to use the Internet.

Please note: We have home educator families using the coffee lounge on Wednesdays (meeting anytime from 10.30am up to 2pm) during term time – so it can be very busy then. Contact us if you’re interested in these sessions.

Hot drinks are served:
10am -2.30pm  Mon-Thursday
10am – 12.30pm  Fri & Sat

Hot Drinks (Clipper Fair trade Teas & Fair trade Espresso Bean Coffee)
Pot of Tea for One  £1.50
Herbal £1.65
Decaf £1.50
Americano £1.85
Latte/Cappuccino £1.95
Mocha £2.20
Hot Chocolate £2.20
Hot Chocolate Delux  £2.50
Kids Hot Choc £1.50
Espresso £1.50
Iced Coffee £2.50
Coke Float £2.80
– Decaf coffee is available for all coffee-based drinks.
– We also now serve a vegan alternative to cows’ milk.

Ice-cream milkshakes
We now have new machine…to make real ice-cream milkshakes made with high quality French syrup! Other cafes charge around £3.85, but our bookshop price is £2.95!

Snacks:  Currently we have – Flapjack bars, Kettle crisps, Good quality biscuits, Panda Natural Liquorice sticks, Fairtrade Chocolate and Tunnocks caramel wafer bars…

Cold Drinks in the fridge – Coke, Diet coke, J20, Oasis, Rio  (all at lower prices than many other coffee shops).

Hope to see you in the Coffee Lounge!