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Who gets your vote?


It’s a General Election year in the UK. But politics aside, we thought we’d look at some of the greatest Christians to have been a blessing to the country. They were all Godly believers – and their influence is still felt today.

Who gets your vote? Perhaps you have a favourite already – or maybe there’s someone in the list you’d like to find out more about? In most cases we’ve got books and booklets by them – and about them.

Although wonderfully gifted in many ways, these Christians from history pointed other men and women to one who was far greater than themselves – the Lord Jesus Christ.

Great British Christians

Some Great British Christians (in chronological order)

John Wycliffe (1331-1384) was a Bible translator and preacher who would have a major influence on the Reformation that would follow. John Wycliffe – The Dawn Of The Reformation (David Fountain, £1.00) tells his story.

Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658) was indeed a politician – and become Lord Protector of the Country. But he was also a military leader and devoted Christian. Oliver Cromwell – To Honour God (Michael Haykin, £8.99) looks at his speeches, letters and prayers.

Isaac Watts (1674-1748) has been described as the “Father of English Hymnody” and is credited with some 750 Christian hymns. Many of these are in use today, including ‘Joy to the World’ and ‘When I survey the wondrous cross’. We’ve got a special interest in Watts as Mayflower Christian Bookshop published his official biography (commissioned by Southampton City Council). We still have copies available of the book – Isaac Watts Remembered (David Fountain, £1.00). A good companion to this is Hymns and Spiritual Songs (£1.00), a collection of 50 lesser-known hymns by Watts.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon 1834–1892) was described as the ‘prince of preachers’ – and it’s reckoned that, over his lifetime, he preached to 10 million people in today. A reformed Baptist. Most of his ministry was in London. He was a writer too – and many of his sermons and thoughts became books and wonderful collections of daily readings. We’re delighted to be able to offer a large collection books by him and about him. See them all here.

Granville Waldegrave, 3rd Baron Radstock (1833–1913) is far less well-known. He was British missionary best known for his work as a missionary during the Great Russian Awakening. At Mayflower Christian Bookshop, we have another special interest in him because he was also from Southampton and lived at Mayfield Park, about one mile from our shop. We were delighted to publish a book about him – Lord Radstock And The Russian Awakening (Mayflower, £1.00).

Other Great Christians in Britain

Scottish reformer John Knox: See books

Pilgrim’s Progress author John Bunyan: See books

Preacher George Whitfield: See books

Orphanages pioneer George Muller: See books

Anti-slavery campaigner William Wilberforce: See books

Missionary to China, Gladys Aylward: See books

‘Chariots of Fire’ athlete and missionary Eric Liddell: See books

Evangelical preacher and writer JC Ryle: See books

Church minister Robert Murray M’Cheyne: See books

For many more books about (and by) other British Christians – and believers from other countries, see our biographies section.

Please note:
Some books of the books above are proving very popular and we may be low on stock – or sell out. If books are marked as unavailable and you want a copy, please contact us with the details. We may be able to order more stock. Some books may also be available in our second-hand section.

Books on the Cross


Some churches remember Christ’s death and rising again especially at Easter time. Others don’t mark out Easter as a special occasion. But the Lord’s death and resurrection is worth considering at all times – and is central to what Christians know to be true.

The Cross is central to the Gospel message. The following books and booklets can help us to focus more on ‘Jesus and Him crucified’.

Books on cross

Please note: Some books of the following books are proving very popular and we may be low on stock – or sell out. If books are marked as unavailable and you want a copy, please contact us with the details. We may be able to order more stock. Some books may also be available in our second-hand section.

The Cross: The Pulpit Of God’s Love by Iain H. Murray (Banner of Truth, £1.75) shows how Christ’s death on the cross should be central in preaching and must show God’s love to sinners in giving His Son to die for them. We have extra copies of this book on order.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon, often described as the ‘prince of preachers’, wrote many sermons about Christ on the Cross at Calvary. You can find 25 of them in Majesty in Misery – Vol 3- Calvary’s Mournful Mountain (Banner of Truth, £15.00). Also see Sermons On The Resurrection by Spurgeon (Hendrickson Publishers, £9.99) which is a collection of 12 sermons about the last days of Jesus on earth.

Another well-known author, Arthur W. Pink, covers the topic in Seven Sayings Of The Saviour On The Cross (Christian Focus Publications, £6.99) which looks at the words uttered by the Lord Jesus Christ – and the purpose of the cross.

The Gospel message is timeless … for people in every age. So states Dr Martin Lloyd-Jones in his book Jesus Christ & Him Crucified (Banner of Truth, £1.50). Based on 1 Corinthians chapter 2 verse 2, this title shows how the Gospel has never changed and is still relevant today, which sermon Lloyd-Jones preached at the beginning of his ministry in 1926 and at the end in 1977.

The Victory of the Lamb by Frederick Leahy (Banner of Truth, £4.50) shows how Christ’s death on the cross was His triumphant victory over sin, death and Satan from the first promise in Genesis ch.3 vs.15 to the shouts of victory in the Book of Revelation.

Looking for easier-to-read books and booklets?

We are delighted to have taken extra stock of They met the Lord Jesus (Evangelical Press, £1) by Alec Taylor. These are daily readings for one month selected from the Gospels – and they include people at the cross and afterwards.

If you’re looking for an introduction to the cross – for a reader with little Bible knowledge – then John Blanchard’s booklet Why The Cross? (Evangelical Press, £1.25) is an excellent choice.

For children, Jesus the Saviour by Carine Mackenzie and Jeff Anderson ( Christian Focus Publications, £2.50) is good at explaining the purpose of the cross to those aged seven and younger.

Jesus Rose from the Dead by Catherine Mackenzie (Christian Focus Publications, £4.99) is about finding he truth that Jesus did rise from the dead so that others may believe it. Good for ages 9-12 especially.

We may also have more books on the cross in our second-hand and rare books section.

Books on Prayer


We are reminded in a well-known hymn that, “Prayer is the Christian’s vital breath, the Christian’s native air,” yet many of us can struggle to maintain our times of prayer.

The following books and booklets can be a great help in reminding us of the privilege and blessing of coming to God in prayer.books on prayer

Developing a Healthy Prayer Life
by Joel Beeke & James Beeke (Reformation Heritage Books, £5.40)
This book includes over 30 meditations on this topic, giving hints on improving your prayer life and encouraging prayer

A Way to Pray by Matthew Henry (Banner of Truth , £14.50)
This book explains how we should redirect God’s promises back to Him in our prayers.

The Power of Prayer Meetings by Peter Masters (Tabernacle Bookshop, £0.65)
This provides practical advice on the best use of the time in prayer meetings, showing Biblical examples.

Other helpful books on prayer

A Guide to Prayer by Isaac Watts (Banner of Truth, £8)
Helping Christians to make better use of the privilege of prayer.

Praying the Saviour’s Way by Derek Thomas (Christian Focus Publications, £5.99)
How the Lord’s Prayer is a clear guide to us.

The Secret Key to Heaven, Thomas Boston (Banner of Truth, £6.25)
Showing the vital importance of private prayer.

Still looking?
We have around 30 books that include the subject of prayer – including books for children.
Click here to see all of them.