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Christian Sunday school resources

When your Mayflower Bible Lessons (MBL) pack arrives, there’s a lot inside. You need to provide your own scissors, glue and coloured pencils. But pretty much everything else is included with our Sunday school activities.

So let’s take a closer look at what’s inside a typical pack …

Christian Sunday school resources s

Teachers’ Notes (above)
We’re mindful that many Sunday School teachers would like more time to prepare for lessons but are often short on time. Each MBL series of Sunday school activities has its own Teachers’ Notes to give you a big head-start in preparing for your next lesson.

These notes suggest how each Bible story in the series can be taught and applied to your Sunday School children. You don’t have to follow the notes precisely, but they will help give your lessons some structure and lead nicely into the activities at the end.

The notes set out the aim of the lesson, a quick recap on the week before, a point of contact that children will understand, plus notes on the story, some illustrations, an application for children’s lives and a memory verse.

Christian Sunday school resources

Activity Plan (above, left)
When you open your MBL pack, it will normally include lots of printed pictures, plus items to cut out and stick in place. If you’re confused about what goes with what, don’t worry!  Look for the Activity Plan which explains the parts that go together for each lesson and the extras you might need to find yourself, such as glue or scissors.

Christian Sunday school resources

Activity Pictures & Scrapbooks (above)
For every lesson in each series, there’s an Activity Picture (above, left). These are for ages 4-7. There’s a picture to colour and usually some craft-style activities. This can involve some cutting out and sticking, sometimes with different pieces of paper, card and other craft-type items to make pictures more interesting. Sometimes teachers/helpers will need to help children with cutting. Also, it’s wise to use safe, non-toxic glues for children.

Activity Pictures are sold in packs with enough for 4 children. So if, for example, you have 6 or 7 children, you’d need 2 packs. We also sell Scrapbooks (above, right). These are great for each child to stick and store their Activity Pictures, week by week, for a whole series.

Christian Sunday school resources Puzzle pages & different ways to keep them safe
For every lesson in each series, there’s a Puzzle Page (above, left). These are for ages 7-11. These pages usually involve some colouring and simple puzzles based on the story. Puzzle page sets (for the whole series) are sold in packs of one (per child). So if you have three children aged 7-11, you can just buy three sets.

You can buy puzzle pages in two different ways:

– As a Comb-bound puzzle page book (picture above, top right) containing all the pages for the series – and let each child work through their own book, one lesson at a time. This is a good option if you have the same children intending regularly each week.

– If you prefer, you can buy puzzle pages as loose sheets (one sheet for each lesson in the series). Loose sheets are a good choice if you often have different children attending, week by week, and you want to avoid having lots of half-finished comb-bound books. We also sell plastic folders/covers (pictured above, bottom right)  to go with these loose sheets if you want children to protect and collect their sheets.

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