Mayflower Bible Lessons (Sunday School resources)

Latest news: We’re going digital, step by step!
We’re starting to provide Mayflower Bible Lessons as PDF downloads — starting with some of our teacher notes. See here for details. We hope this will be helpful for all our customers.

Sunday School resources

Mayflower Bible Lessons are ideal for Sunday Schools and church clubs. They provide pictures to colour, puzzle pages and other activities for children – and notes for teachers to use – alongside passages from the Old and the New Testaments.

The lessons have been written by Sunday School teachers for Sunday School teachers.

Sunday School resourcesThey’ll help to save you time and help to ensure that Bible teaching comes across in a clear and interesting way for children.

Our Sunday School resources are creative and unique!

We include pictures to colour – and there’s crafts too. Packs also include extra items to cut out, arrange and stick in position – to make Sunday School resources more engaging for children aged 4-7. Meanwhile, we have Puzzle Pages for children aged 7-11.

There are 16 series available, mostly with 12-13 lessons in each series.

Please note, Mayflower Bible Lessons can sometimes take 1-2 weeks to package and post as we have to hand-pick and customise orders for each customer.