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9780852345627  'An Iron Pillar' by Tim Shenton  
9781646252112  12 Hidden Heroes by Rebecca Parkinson  
9780946462414  A Dictionary Of Bible Knowledge by I. Stringer  
9780946462278  A Dictionary Of Bible Symbols by W. Stuart Owen  
9780946462407  A Dictionary Of Theological Terms by M.E. Manton  
9780902548169  A Forgotten Revival by Stanley C. Griffin  
9781908727060  A God-Centred Vision For Church And Nation by John J. Murray  
9781877611551  A Guide To Christ by Solomon Stoddard  
9780851519777  A Handful Of Pebbles by Peter Barnes  
970880700858  A Search For Charismatic Reality by Neil Babcox  
9789810066581  A Stone Made Smooth by Wong Ming Dao  
9780871235435  A Treasury Of Prayer by Leonard Ravenhill  
9781857925586  A Young Person's Guide To Knowing God by Patricia St. John  
9780852349571  Adolphe Monod by Constance K. Walker  
9781857926606  Adoniram Judson: Danger On The Streets Of Gold by Irene Howat  
9781857924237  An Adventure Begins by Catherine Mackenzie  
5678790678  An Antidote Against Arminianism by Christopher Ness  
9780851516578  An Earnest Ministry by John Angell James  
9780526732119  An Exposition Of The Book Of Acts by Charles R. Erdman  
9781526032667  An Exposition Of The Book Of Romans PB by Ian R.K. Paisley  
9781857927429  An Irregular Candidate by Irene Howat  
9781596383746  Annie Henry And The Secret Mission by Susan Olasky  
9881149619995  Antichrist by the Protestant Truth Society  
9780851517018  Asahel Nettleton by Tyler Bennet & Andrew Bonar  
9780854796502  Baptism And Church Membership by Erroll Hulse  
9780946515165  Be Free By Wiersbe  
9781601780232  Bearing Fruit - for 7-9 year olds  
9781846250941  Beyond Bars  
9781842122808  Bible And Sword - the history of British influence in the Middle East  
9781922206220  Bible Reading With Your Kids  
6705908743  Bibles  
9780875521479  Biblical Separation Defended. Cohen Gary G.  
9781870855181  Biblical Strategies For Witness  
9780875521527  Biblical Studies In Final Things  
9780851513785  Biblical Theology by Geerhardus Vos  
9780340176382  Biography Of James Hudson Taylor  
9781936760633  Brass Heavens  
9781845501143  Bright Sunset - for 9-12s  
9781870855440  Building An Outreach Sunday School  
9781845502126  Calvin And The Biblical Languages by John D. Currid  
9781857921496  Caught In The Crossfire  
0851101712  Censorship - for and against  
9780851513957  Charity And Its Fruits by Jonathan Edwards  
9781846253133  Charles Simeon: An Ordinary Pastor Of Extraordinary Influence  
9781857929737  Children's Devotions. Ridley Havergal, Frances  
9780526837015  Christ Could Not Be Tempted by W.E. Best  
9781857928136  Christ Crucified. By Charnock Stephen.  
9780851516967  Christ Triumphant  
9781850490203  Christian Family Matters. Shaw, Ian.  
9709810545827  Christian Perspective On Contemporary Youth Issues  
9781899046362  Christian Stewardship  
9786565656565  Christianity And Liberalism  
9780851514710  Come To Me!  
9780851512046  Commentary On 1st Peter by John Brown  
978085151426X  Commentary on Mark, Alexander.J.A.  
9780851513362  Commentary On Romans chs. 9-16 Hendriksen, William.  
9780865241740  Commentary on Samuel by Samuel Blake .  
9780852314860  Commentary On The Bible  
9780551055575  Commentary On The Book Of The Acts  
9780825439531  Commentary On The Gospel Of John  
9780875520081  Communicating With 20th Century Man  
9781870855329  Contending For The Faith by David G. Fountain  
9781122334455  Contending For The Faith by J C Wilcox  
9780914675036  Crisis Of Conscience by Raymond Franz  
9781845501181  Cross Words - The Atonement  
9780860185235  Cruden's Concordance  
9780890511930  D Is For Dinosaur  
9781857921670  D.L. Moody- Moody Without Sankey  
9780511312478  Daily Bible Illustrations - 8 Vol. set  
9780364423117  Daily Readings From Matthew Chps. 8-13.  
9780364435206  Daily Study Notes On Separate Books Of The Bible  
9781845504786  David Brainerd - A Flame for God  
9780852345542  Defence Of The Truth by Michael Haykin  
9781903087039  Depression - A Rescue Plan by Jim Winter  
9781903087039  Depression - A Rescue Plan by Jim Winter  
9780890511657  Dinosaurs By Design - for 9-12s  
9780854911387  Directions  
9781851515816  Discourses And Sayings Of Our Lord in 3 volumes  
9780875523446  Divorce  
9781857926255  Eager to what is Good. Shields Norman. A.  
9780907922730  Eagles' Wings by Alan Cairns  
9781846254635  Ecclesiastes - Joy That Perseveres  
9780875522524  Education In The Truth.DeJong Norman  
9781857920970  Elijah - God's Miracle Man - for 7-9 year olds  
9780852347041  Empty Arms  
9780842384889  End Of The Spear by Steve Saint  
9787778889908  Ephesian Studies by H.C.G.Moule  
9780551051035  Epistle to the Romans. by Murray John  
9781870223195  Epistles Of Faith Huntinham, William  
9780745955711  Eric Liddell - Pure Gold  
9781783970568  Evangelicals In Wales by Dr. D. Eryl Davies  
9781850787808  Every One A Winner by Jonathan Carswell  
1572362290  Evolution Or Creation  
9771466348104  Explore  
9780851512051  Expository Discourses on 1 Peter, vol. 1 only  
9780851514987  Expository Thoughts On Luke Vol. 2  
9781870855501  Faith Doubts Trials Assurance by Peter Masters  
9780340149256  Faith On Trial In Russia  
9780852343517  Faithful Under Fire by Roger Ellsworth  
9780967632517  Footsteps Of Faith Through The Gospels  
9781851518765  For A Testimony  
9780875520209  Four Weeks With God And Your Neighbour  
9780852347601  Foxe's Book Of Martyrs by Foxe John.  
9782233445566  Free Grace Versus Free Will by W. E. Best  
9781854249401  Freedom inChrist. Anderson Neil T. and Goss Steve.  
1231231231232  From Polish Catholicisim To Trusting In Christ Alone  
9780851510262  George Whitefield - 2 vols.  
9780852347249  Get A Grip by Anthony Selvaggio  
9781845506292  Get Moving - for teenagers  
9781871676471  Goal Behind The Curtain by Cliff Rennie  
9780340009098  God Holds The Key - missionaries in China  
9781845506575  God Made Time  
9780852345030  God's Design For Women by Sharon James  
9781903087947  God's Little People - The Apostles by Brian Edwards  
9784545454521  God's Longsuffering is Salvation  
9780524371982  God's Smuggler  
9781857925487  Going To The Doctor - for 5-7s  
0172265231  Gospel Tidings Magazines  
9781845500313  Grace Abounding - the life and books of John Bunyan  
978094662011  Grace Alone. By Booth Abraham.  
9780852344453  Grace And Its Fruits  
9784545454522  Grace For Today. Fortner Don.  
9780867603291  Great Words of Jesus.  
9780851517278  Green Eye Of The Storm - the debate between Christianity and evolution  
9780531625424  Green Leaf In Drought - missionary work  
9780852345283  Growing up  
9780340263365  Halfway To Heaven  
9781601783837  Haweis Thomas  
9780875524580  Heart Aflame by John Calvin  
9780851513119  Heirs Together Of Life  
9780851514680  Henry Martyn by John Sargent  
9781925041026  Hey! Is That How God Made Fruit?  
9781925041019  Hey! Is That How God Made Me?  
9781871022045  Highland Inheritance - for teenagers  
9781854241399  Honourably Wounded - dealing with stress in Christian workers  
9780852341988  How Old Is The Earth?  
9780852341822  How To Enjoy Your Bible  
9581672205217  Howell Harris's Visits To London  
9781577486046  Hudson Taylor - Founder, China Inland Mission  
9781231234000  Humanity And God.  
9781870223058  I Will Maintain  
9780830703144  If I Had A Wish. by Barrett Ethel  
9780835471297  If I Perish, I Perish  
9780091059305  In God's Name by John Chandos  
9784545454517  In His Presence.Perry Norman R.  
9781897837320  In Search Of Freedom by J.R. Broome  
9781596381704  In- Laws. By Mack. Wayne. A.  
9780891090312  Influencing Society  
9780802881663  Institutes Of The Christian Religion PB by John Calvin  
9788445454545  Institutes Of The Christian Religion. HB by John Calvin Vol 2  
9650907421  Introducing The New Testament - introducing each Book  
0114298603  Introducing The New Testament - its origins and contents  
9781848717558  Introducing Tyndale  
9781848710948  Irenaeus Of Lyons  
9780854798605  Isaac Watts Remembered  
9781930367869  Jed Smith-Trailblazer Of The West by Frank Latham  
9781892777416  Jehovah Shepherding His Sheep  
9781846251085  Jesus Christ - The Prince Of Preachers  
9781845503246  Jesus Finds His People - for 5-7s  
9781845503222  Jesus Helps His People - for 5-7s  
9781845503215  Jesus Rescues His People - for 5-7s  
9781845503239  Jesus Saves His People - for 5-7s  
9780851518572  John Brown Of Haddington  
9780851515038  John Owen On The Christian Life  
9781845501648  John The Baptist by Carine MacKenzie  
9780907821022  John Wycliffe by David Fountain  
9781845500870  Jonah And The Big Fish  
9781846253058  Joseph The Dream Interpreter by Helen Clark  
9788800236810  Joshua, And The Land Of Promise  
9780526835267  Justification Before God by W.E. Best  
9781857924022  Learning About Mission by John Brand  
9781870855075  Lessons For Life  
9780851516066  Letters Of Charles Haddon Spurgeon  
9780851516530  Letters Of Henry Venn  
9780851513881  Letters Of Samuel Rutherford HB  
9780851511635  Letters Of Samuel Rutherford PB  
9780817013387  Liberty Of Conscience by Edwin D. Gaustad  
9780526836797  Life Brought To Light by W.E. Best  
9780950547638  Life By His Death by John Owen  
9780823571159  Life Change Studies  
9780802449245  Little Pilgrim's Progress  
9781906173135  LiveWires by D J Carswell  
9781904889492  Living In The Real World  
9780852344759  Lord Radstock in Russian  
9780851517810  Making Many Glad - the life of Daniel Baker  
9780802429661  Man's Total Depravity by Arthur W. Pink  
9780906731673  Martha and Mary - Friends of Jesus  
9784545454523  Matthew Henry's Commentary Vol 1 Genesis To Deuteronomy  
9780904435172  More Than A Notion. Alexander J.H.  
9780904435177  More Than Notion - spiritual experience  
9781781917480  My First Books And More by Carine Mackenzie & Philip Ross  
978094525217  My Sheep Hear My Voice. Hedgecock J.C.  
9781846250699  Mystery at Ardfuar. By Burke Ruth  
9780851115160  Neither Poverty Nor Riches by Craig L. Blomberg  
9784545454520  New Testament Commentary on 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus,Hendriksen William  
9780851512925  New Testament Commentary on Luke, Hendriksen William  
9780851117422  New Testiment introduction. Guthrie Donald.  
9780852342558  No King But Christ - a preacher in the time of the Restoration  
9781562650650  North to Amaroqvik by Cheryl M. Ufkin  
9784545631357  Notes On The Miracles by Archbishop Trench  
9784545454524  Notes On The Parables by Archbishop Trench  
9781871676693  Offside In Ecuatina by Cliff Rennie  
9780951513886  Open Your Mouth For The Dumb  
9781857920260  Our Baby Book  
9781854247728  Out Of The Black Shadows  
9781845504755  Pacific Adventures  
9780903556859  People Jesus Met by B.A. Ramsbottom  
9780340228091  People Just Like Us.  
9780716200406  Personal Evangelism  
0911567239115  Pilgrim Bible Notes - daily readings  
9780852341766  Pop Goes The Gospel by Blanchard John.  
9780907927181  Portrait Of A Master Craftsman by James Handyside  
9781850492023  Portraits Of Faith by Joel Beeke  
9781825504212  Potton Baptists  
9780856292531  Praise! - A Critique  
9781783971572  Preaching An Awesome Task by Eryl Davies  
9781599250977  Precious Seed.Various Authors.  
9780851518015  Princeton Versus The New Divinity  
9780941717046  Prophets Of Psychoheresy by Martin & Deidre Bobgan  
9780801059971  Questions And Answers On Creation/Evolution  
9780801083563  Quoting Spurgeon by Anthony J. Ruspantini  
9780854218815  Rainbow Garden by Patricia St. John  
9780956644800  Reality Beyond Reason  
9781857926552  Redeem The Time  
9781901086515  Redifining Marriage  
9781845507015  Reformation by Carl L. Trueman  
9781877611148  Repent Or Perish  
9780875083346  Repentance And 21st Century Man  
9780940033364  Revial. by Roberts Richard, Owen.  
9781850490252  Revival Comes To Wales by Eifion Evans  
9780720806526  Revival, Can We Make It Happen ?. by Jones, Martyn LLoyd.  
9780911472756  Romans  
9780906731079  Ruth - The Harvest Girl - for 7-9 year olds  
9788390056258  Rzymski Katolicyzm by Peter Slomski  
9781846253089  S.O.S Titanic by Jill Silverstone  
9780852341350  Salvation  
9781596380516  Same Lake - Different Boat - witnessing to the disabled  
9781857920215  Save Sam by Alistair Brown  
9780860655824  Saved In Eternity  
9780851517728  Saving Grace  
9780865387819  Scripture Lands  
9780852345023  Second Corinthians chs 1-7  
978090673178  Seek And Find by Carine Mackenzie  
9780724698231  Select Notes For Sunday School Lessons 1901  
9781619705951  Sermons On The Resurrection  
9780966378603  Shepherding A Child's Heart  
9780851511757  Signs Of The Apostles by Walter J. Chantry  
9784545454512  Simple Faith by Best W.E.  
97845454516  Simple Sermons Of the Gospel of John. Ford, Ford. W. Herschel.  
9780851515380  Some Favourite Books by John Macleod  
9781825093726  Spiritual Gifts In The Apostolic Church  
9780854218837  Star Of Light by Patricia St. John  
9780718821821  Star Over Gobi - for 7-9 year olds  
9780875526034  Step By Step by James C. Petty  
9781845500474  Stopped work? Start Living - how Christians can serve God in retirement  
9781845502607  Straight Talk by Lisa Stacler  
9780567086440  Studies In Scottish Church History  
9780817532608  Studies In The Person And Work Of Christ  
9780720804698  Sustained By Joy by G B Duncan  
9780851512755  T he Confession of Faith, Hodge AA  
9780852343869  Taken Up To Heaven  
9781601780010  Taking Root - for 7-9 year olds  
9783232323211  Temptation And Sin by John Owen  
9781857925791  Ten Boys Who Changed the World by Irene Howat  
9781845500351  Ten Boys Who Didn't Give In by Irene Howat  
9781857927757  Ten Boys Who Made A Difference by Irene Howat  
9781857928365  Ten Boys Who Made History by Irene Howat  
9781845501464  Ten Boys Who Used Their Talents by Irene Howat  
9781845504694  The Abiding Presence  
9780851518527  The Acceptable Sacrifice  
9780851118352  The Acts of the Apostles  
9781052591355  The Adventures Of Anya And Alex  
9780902506046  The Apostolic Church by Thomas Witherow  
9780801056206  The Apostolic Fathers by J.B.Lightfoot  
9784545454504  The Argument Of The Book Of Job Unfolded by William Henry Green  
9780851518169  The Atonement Controversy  
9780851518466  The Basis Of Christian Unity by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones  
9780854796717  The Believer's Experience. Hulse Erroll.  
9780801005256  The Bible Commentary (Proverbs - Ezekiel) edited by F C Cook  
9780903556989  The Birth Of Jesus by B.A. Ramsbottom  
9780851516820  The Bleeding Of The Evangelical Church by David F. Wells  
9750366821428  The Book Of Psalms For Singing  
9780851513898  The Carnal Christian  
9784994994444  The Christian View Of Man.  
9781720601135  The Church - Her Authority And Mission by W.E. Best  
187469401X  The Church In The Age Of The TV Image  
8511146299  The Church Today And The Reformation Church - a comparison  
9780851511988  The Collected Writings of James Henry Thornwell Vol 1  
9780851511996  The Collected Writings Of James Henry Thornwell Vol 2  
9780851512003  The Collected Writings Of James Henry Thornwell Vol 3  
9780851512011  The Collected Writings Of James Henry Thornwell Vol 4  
9782015938008  The Communicants Spiritual Companion Haweis Thomas  
9784545454525  The Confession of Faith by A.A. Hodge  
9780860654070  The Cross by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones  
9786255763425  The Doctrine Of Particular Redemption  
9781857923971  The Doors Of Heaven. Brooks Richard  
9787778889901  The Epistle To The Galatians by Martin Luther  
9781870855549  The Faith by Peter Masters  
9787778889902  The First Epistle To The Corinthians by D.D. Hodge  
9780801066641  The Forgiveness Of Sin  
9780851518176  The Free Offer Of The Gospel  
9781854246547  The Freedom In Christ  
9780912385259  The Glorious Body Of Christ  
9781846251269  The God Reality  
9781862281677  The Gospel According To John - in normal print  
9781862281707  The Gospel According To Mark  
9781414555660  The Gospel of John.  
9787766554433  The Grace Of Law by Ernest Kevan  
9780852342220  The Great Invitation by Erroll Hulse  
9781870855006  The Healing Epidemic. By Masters Peter.  
9780927348216  The Hebrew Scriptures - 2 Vol.  
9780906731879  The King's Highway  
9780851512445  The Korean Pentecost by William Blair and Bruce Hunt  
9780890511589  The Lie Of Evolution by Ken Ham  
9780851513690  The Life Of Edward Irving by Arnold Dallimore  
9784545454516  The Life Of God. By Scougal Henry  
9780851519678  The Life Of John Newton  
9780685492013  The Lord's Prayer by Hugh Martin  
9784545454514  The Mercies Of A Covenant God. Warburton John.  
9780875524559  The Modern Search For The Real Jesus  
9780871233806  The Moon Is Not The Son  
9781870855402  The Mutual Love Of Christ And His People - a devotional commentary on the Song of Solomon  
9780854215522  The Mystery Of Pheasant Cottage  
9781857928389  The New Children's Bible  
9781845506063  The Obedience Option by David Hegg  
9780851519012  The Old Evangelicalism  
9780802811233  The Origin of Paul's Religion  
9780813572870  The Passion Of The Christ  
9780851518503  The Pastor In Prayer.Spurgeon C.H.  
9780763543116  The Person And Place Of Jesus Christ by P.T. Forsyth  
9782711562576  The Person And Work Of Christ  
9780875521084  The Pilgrim's Progress Study Guide  
9780720800975  The Plight Of Man And The Power Of God by D.Martyn Lloyd-Jones  
9781788720335  The Precious Things Of God by Octavius Winslow  
9780951838624  The Principality And Power Of Europe  
9780851102368  The Rising Of The Moon - the Unification Church  
9784545454502  The Saviour's Definite Redemption by W.E.Best  
4512312458  The Seceders - the story of J.C. Philpot and William Tiptaft  
0642848826  The Slavic Gospel Association - past, present and future  
9780876543210  The Social Life Of A Jew In The Time Of Christ by Khodadad Keith  
5634321008  The Soldiers Pocket Bible - Bible verses for soldiers in old English  
9781871676952  The Soul Winner  
9780851516776  The Sound Of His Name. by Honeysett Bernard.  
1313131313110  The Spiritual Gifts Movement  
9780876334192  The Spreading Flame  
9780001944633  The Story of David and Goliath  
9780822713546  The Story Of Job  
9780340641644  The Street Children Of Brazil by Sarah de Carvalho  
9781859992678  The Tanglewoods' Secret by Patricia St. John  
97845454509  The Treasury Of David 6 Vol Set by Spurgeon C.H.  
9792713802187  The Treasury Of Scripture Knowledge  
9780862011390  The Victor by Patricia St. John  
9781313131313  The Way Of Life  
9780902506374  The Westminster Confession Of Faith  
9780711213678  The Wisdom Of God  
9781845500344  The Woman Of The Forest - for 9-12s  
9781905471187  The Word Opened  
9784545454510  The Works 0f John Owen. Volume 10 by Owen John.  
9780951517839  The Works Of Jonathan Edwards 2 Vol Set  
0372251162  The Young Church In Action - the Book of Acts  
9780853640189  The "Jesus Family" In Communist China  
978085113201  They Shall Be Mine. Tallach John.  
9780852342503  Through Many Dangers by Brian Edwards  
9780851511726  Thy Word Is Truth  
9780534789012  Tis All Of Grace - articles and hymns  
9781879737587  To Be Continued?W Waldon, Samuel E.  
  To Be Near Unto God by Abraham Kuyper  
9780945564454  Today For Eternity  
9780875524176  Today's Evangelism. Reisinger Ernist, C.  
9781857924398  Toward A Sure Faith - J. Gresham Machen and his stand against liberalism  
9780835721976  Treasures Of Darkness  
9780904435511  Truth Unchanged, Unchanging  
9780851519494  Truth's Victory Over Error HB  
9786253534112  Twelve Select Sermons  
9780852345979  Under The Scaffold  
978185078163X  Unification Church  
9780903556880  Valiant For Truth - the life of J.K. Popham  
9780340204176  Vins George. An Autobiography  
9788015152011  Vol 4. Ecclesiatical .Collective writings of Thornwell, J ames Henley  
1313131313138  Walking In The Light  
9781945062001  War In The Wasteland by Douglas Bond  
9780946462001  We Believe  
9781596381582  Weight Of A Flam - for 9-14 year olds  
9780866188257  What If There Had Never Been A Bible  
9781601784315  What Is Repentance?  
9780851513263  What Is The Reformed Faith?  
9780954842512  What It Rreally Means To be A Christian by David W. Norris  
9781909611856  When Someone You Know Dies  
9781601782687  Why Christ Came  
9781781912706  Why I Am Not An Atheist by David J. Randall  
9781850781332  Why Me?  
9781601783943  Why Should I Fast?  
9781845500658  Wild West Adventures by Donna Vann  
9781857929294  Wilfred Grenfell by Linda Finlayson  
9781845506865  Women Of Faith And Courage by Vance Christie  
9781870855167  World Dominion - the teaching of Reconstructionism  
9781565638105  Young's Analytical Concordance To The Bible  
9780948590009  Your Quest For God