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9780851513836  A Body of Divinity  
9780946462414  A Dictionary Of Bible Knowledge  
9780946462278  A Dictionary Of Bible Symbols  
9780946462407  A Dictionary Of Theological Terms  
9781908727060  A God-Centred Vision For Church And Nation  
9781877611551  A Guide To Christ - a guide to souls after their conversion  
9780851519777  A Handful Of Pebbles  
9780551027671  A Shepherd Looks At The 23rd Psalm  
9789810066581  A Stone Made Smooth  
9780851514338  A Vision For Missions  
9781857925586  A Young Person's Guide To Knowing God  
9780851517353  Accuracy Of Translation  
9780852349571  Adolphe Monod  
9781857926606  Adoniram Judson: Danger On The Streets...  
9780904731033  After The Puritans  
9780906731864  Alicia - My Search For Peace  
9780951838601  All Roads Lead To Rome?  
9780851514895  Among The Soviet Evangelicals  
9780851514657  An All Round Ministry  
5678790678  An Antidote Against Arminianism  
9780851516578  An Earnest Ministry  
9780253671158  An Exposition Of The Acts Of The Apostles Chs. 1-12  
0854265333012  And God Created  
9780852347140  Anne Bradstreet - Pilgrim And Poet  
9781596383746  Annie Henry And The Secret Mission  
9781781911358  Antartic Adventures - for 9-12s  
9881149619995  Antichrist  
9781848711396  Archibald G. Brown  
9780801006163  Baker's Pocket Bible Concordance  
9780952998204  Battle For The Church  
9781846250941  Beyond Bars  
9781842122808  Bible And Sword - the history of British influence in the Middle East  
6705908743  Bibles  
9781848710153  Binge Drinking - the sin of drunkenness  
9781936760633  Brass Heavens  
9781842912508  Broken Dreams, Fulfilled Promises  
9780851510767  C. H. Spurgeon Autobiography - Vol 1 The Early Years  
9780851511825  C. H. Spurgeon Autobiography - Vol 2 The Full Harvest  
9780851513447  Calvin And The Calvinists  
0851101712  Censorship - for and against  
9780851517414  Christ For Us - sermons of Hugh Martin  
9780851516967  Christ Triumphant  
9781850490203  Christian Family Matters  
9780851512686  Christian Leaders Of The Eighteenth Century  
9709810545827  Christian Perspective On Contemporary Youth Issues  
9781899046362  Christian Stewardship  
9781857925234  Christie's Old Organ - a homeless boy who finds the Lord Jesus  
9780851514710  Come To Me!  
9780852314860  Commentary On The Bible  
9780825439531  Commentary On The Gospel Of John  
9780875520081  Communicating With 20th Century Man  
9780358610717  Coral In The Sand - mission work  
9781845501181  Cross Words - The Atonement  
9780860185235  Cruden's Concordance  
9780890511930  D Is For Dinosaur  
9781857921670  D.L. Moody- Moody Without Sankey  
9780511312478  Daily Bible Illustrations - 8 Vol. set  
9780364423117  Daily Readings From Matthew Chps. 8-13.  
9780364435206  Daily Study Notes On Separate Books Of The Bible  
9809078021  Decision Making In Medicine - making ethical descisions  
9780852346631  Devotional Thoughts On Matthew and Mark  
9780890511657  Dinosaurs By Design - for 9-12s  
0907517072  Discipline In Schools  
9781851515816  Discourses And Sayings Of Our Lord in 3 volumes  
9780875523446  Divorce  
9781857926255  Eager To Do What Is Good - what the Bible teaches about ethics  
9780907922730  Eagles' Wings  
9781846254635  Ecclesiastes - Joy That Perseveres  
9780875522524  Education In The Truth  
9781857920970  Elijah - God's Miracle Man - for 7-9 year olds  
9780852347041  Empty Arms  
9781870223195  Epistles Of Faith  
9780745955711  Eric Liddell - Pure Gold  
1572362290  Evolution Or Creation  
9771466348104  Explore  
9780340149256  Faith On Trial In Russia  
0790834516  Fearless Love - how to witness to Jehovahs Witnesses  
9781845507503  Following God - for 9-12s  
9781851518765  For A Testimony  
9780875520209  Four Weeks With God And Your Neighbour  
1231231231232  From Polish Catholicisim To Trusting In Christ Alone  
9780340009098  God Holds The Key - missionaries in China  
9781862282506  God's Creatures - colouring book for 5-7 year olds  
9780524371982  God's Smuggler  
0172265231  Gospel Tidings Magazines  
9781845500313  Grace Abounding - the life and books of John Bunyan  
9780851517278  Green Eye Of The Storm - the debate between Christianity and evolution  
9780531625424  Green Leaf In Drought - missionary work  
9780340263365  Halfway To Heaven  
9780851516103  Healthy Christian Growth  
9780951518008  Heaven - A World Of Love  
9780851513119  Heirs Together Of Life  
9780851519203  History Of The English Calvinistic Baptists 1771-1892  
9780923309145  History Of The Reformation Of The Sixteenth Century  
9781854241399  Honourably Wounded - dealing with stress in Christian workers  
9781857928181  How God Used A Drought And An Umbrella - for 9-12s  
9780852341988  How Old Is The Earth?  
9781845508258  How To Be A Bible Princess - for 7-9 year olds  
9781862282872  How We Got Our English Bible  
9581672205217  Howell Harris's Visits To London  
9781577486046  Hudson Taylor - Founder, China Inland Mission  
9780340185599  Hudson Taylor's Legacy  
9780860032856  Hymns And Tunes From Wales  
9781870223058  I Will Maintain  
9781845503345  In Strength Not Our Own - medical missionaries in Kenya  
9781845502638  Inspired by a Blank Screen - seeking God's guidance  
9780802881663  Institutes Of The Christian Religion  
9650907421  Introducing The New Testament - introducing each Book  
0114298603  Introducing The New Testament - its origins and contents  
9781848710948  Irenaeus Of Lyons  
9780854798605  Isaac Watts Remembered  
9781845501327  Ivan And The Daring Escape - for 9-12s  
9781845501341  Ivan And the Informer -for 9-12s  
9781846251085  Jesus Christ - The Prince Of Preachers  
9781845503222  Jesus Helps His People  
9781846250842  John Rogers - Sealed With Blood  
9781845500870  Jonah And The Big Fish  
9781845504991  Jungle Doctor Looks for Trouble  
9781942513578  Jungle Doctor On Safari - for 7-9 year olds  
9781942514137  Jungle Doctor To The Rescue - for 7-9 year olds  
9781942513599  Jungle Doctor's Fables - for 7-9 year olds  
9780852348505  Let God Be God  
9780851516530  Letters Of Henry Venn  
9780851514017  Letters Of John Newton  
9780851513881  Letters Of Samuel Rutherford HB  
9780890511640  Life Before Birth - for Christian families  
9780189604102  Loving The God Of Truth - lectures  
9780851517810  Making Many Glad - the life of Daniel Baker  
9780906731673  Martha and Mary - Friends of Jesus  
9781857925685  Mary Jones And Her Bible  
9780851513669  Memories Of Sandfields: 1927-1938  
9781845505646  Missionary Stories From Around The World - for 9-12s  
9780903556712  More Miracles Of Jesus  
9780852347983  More Precious Than Gold  
9780904435177  More Than Notion - spiritual experience  
9781902817021  New Evangelicalism - its erroneous teachings  
9781846255205  New Life In Nepal  
9780720823967  Nikolai  
9780852342558  No King But Christ - a preacher in the time of the Restoration  
9781845501532  No One - Jesus speaks with authority  
9780515352969  Notes On The Book Of Job - 2 vol. set  
9781903087954  On The First Day Of The Week  
9780951513886  Open Your Mouth For The Dumb  
9781854247728  Out Of The Black Shadows  
9781845504755  Pacific Adventures  
9781857925579  Patti And The Weegors  
9780852342466  Peter and Jude - a commentary  
9781845501709  Peter: The Apostle  
0911567239115  Pilgrim Bible Notes - daily readings  
9781825504212  Potton Baptists  
9780856292531  Praise! - A Critique  
9780340206621  Preaching and Preachers  
9780851518015  Princeton Versus The New Divinity  
9780875521046  Prophecy And The Church  
9780941717045  Prophets Of Psychoheresy  
6425977412001  Puritan Principles  
9780956644800  Reality Beyond Reason  
9781857926552  Redeem The Time  
9781901086515  Redifining Marriage  
9781877611148  Repent Or Perish  
9780875083346  Repentance And 21st Century Man  
9780875632498  Riches Increased By Giving  
9780851511153  Robert Bruce  
9780851510859  Robert Murray M'Cheyne  
9780906731079  Ruth - The Harvest Girl - for 7-9 year olds  
9780852341350  Salvation  
9781596380516  Same Lake - Different Boat - witnessing to the disabled  
9781781914250  Sarah - colouring book for 5-7 year olds  
9781857927955  Saved at Sea - for 9-12 year olds.  
9780865387819  Scripture Lands  
9780851512952  Second Corinthians - a commentary  
9780852345023  Second Corinthians chs 1-7  
9780853631453  Second Mile People  
9780724698231  Select Notes For Sunday School Lessons 1901  
9780851514543  Select Sermons Of George Whitefield, formerly of Pembroke College, Oxford and chaplain to the Countess of Huntingdon  
9781857929539  Sounds From Heaven  
9780951248607  Sovereign Service  
9781601780478  Sowing The Seed - for 7-9 year olds  
9781825093726  Spiritual Gifts In The Apostolic Church  
9780854218837  Star Of Light - for 9-11 year olds  
9780718821821  Star Over Gobi - for 7-9 year olds  
9780853630494  Stones Of Fire  
9781845500474  Stopped work? Start Living - how Christians can serve God in retirement  
9780852343494  Strange Fire?  
9780852342800  String Of Pearls  
9780567086440  Studies In Scottish Church History  
9781857928372  Ten Girls Who Made History - for 9-12s  
9780816933275  The Acts Of The Apostles  
9781052591355  The Adventures Of Anya And Alex  
9780851518169  The Atonement Controversy  
9780310424406  The Bible Student's Commentary On Matthew  
9780021171279  The Biblical Museum - commentary  
9750366821428  The Book Of Psalms For Singing  
9780851517926  The Christian's High Calling  
9780340693957  The Church And The Last Things  
187469401X  The Church In The Age Of The TV Image  
8511146299  The Church Today And The Reformation Church - a comparison  
9781601783837  The Communicant's Spiritual Companion  
9780851505015  The Companion Bible  
9780851519746  The Cross: The Pulpit Of God's Love  
9781857927320  The Dark Blue Bike At No.17  
9786255763425  The Doctrine Of Particular Redemption  
9781903087305  The Edge Of Life  
9781857923711  The Freedom Fighter - for 9-12s  
9781870039343  The Funeral Of Arminianism  
9781862281677  The Gospel According To John - in normal print  
9780951518216  The Log College  
9781845501037  The Lonely Grey Dog At No.6  
9781870855365  The Lord's Pattern For Prayer  
9780875524559  The Modern Search For The Real Jesus  
9780851510200  The Momentous Event  
9781870855402  The Mutual Love Of Christ And His People - a devotional commentary on the Song of Solomon  
9780854215522  The Mystery Of Pheasant Cottage  
9781857928389  The New Children's Bible  
9780801083036  The New Park Street Pulpit - 6 volume set  
9780851519012  The Old Evangelicalism  
978183716910  The Only Game In Town  
9780951838624  The Principality And Power Of Europe  
9780851512471  The Puritan Hope  
9781899046041  The Rebellious Years - lessons on self-understanding from the Book of Proverbs  
9803751511072  The Reformation In England - 2 volumes  
9780851102368  The Rising Of The Moon - the Unification Church  
4512312458  The Seceders - the story of J.C. Philpot and William Tiptaft  
0642848826  The Slavic Gospel Association - past, present and future  
5634321008  The Soldiers Pocket Bible - Bible verses for soldiers in old English  
9781871676952  The Soul Winner  
1313131313110  The Spiritual Gifts Movement  
9780001944633  The Story of David and Goliath  
1846251481  The Story Of Mansoul - children's adaptation  
9780823276989  The Story Of The Covenant  
9781848711051  The Tender Heart - we must love the Lord and hate our sin  
9780851516585  The Thought Of God  
9781781915233  The Woman Who Wouldn't Stop Writing - for 9-12s  
0372251162  The Young Church In Action - the Book of Acts  
9780853640189  The "Jesus Family" In Communist China  
9780851511726  Thy Word Is Truth  
9780534789012  Tis All Of Grace - articles and hymns  
9781879737587  To Be Continued?  
9780945564454  Today For Eternity  
9780851510279  Today's Gospel - getting back to the heart of the Gospel message  
9781857924398  Toward A Sure Faith - J. Gresham Machen and his stand against liberalism  
9781846251191  Travel Through Cambridge: City Of Beauty, Reformation And Pioneering Research  
9781846251795  Travel Through Egypt: Land Of Moses, Monuments And Mummies  
9781846251368  Travel Through Israel  
9781846251153  Travel Through Oxford: City Of Saints, Scholars And Dreaming Spires  
9781903087114  Travel With C H Spurgeon: In the footsteps of the Prince of Preachers  
9781846251610  Travel With John Blanchard: Guernseys Evangelist, Author and Christian Apologist  
9781903087343  Travel With John Knox - a guide to his life and place of service  
9780835721976  Treasures Of Darkness  
9780904435511  Truth Unchanged, Unchanging  
9780851519494  Truth's Victory Over Error HB  
9786253534112  Twelve Select Sermons  
9780852345979  Under The Scaffold  
9780903556880  Valiant For Truth - the life of J.K. Popham  
9780946462001  We Believe  
9780866188257  What If There Had Never Been A Bible  
9781909611856  When Someone You Know Dies  
9781601782687  Why Christ Came  
9781846250286  William Wilberforce  
9781783970537  With God All Things Are Possible  
9781870855167  World Dominion - the teaching of Reconstructionism