Christian books for children

Christian books for children

Christian books for children

We have an extensive range of Christian books for children – from babies and toddlers all the way into their teenage years … ideal for birthdays, Christmas, prize-givings or for everyday.

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We also provide resources for children, teens, students & adults

resources-mblMayflower Bible Lessons
Ideal for Sunday Schools & church clubs

We sell thousands of lessons every year. These resources provide pictures to draw, puzzle pages and other activities for children – and notes for teachers to use – alongside passages from the Old and the New Testaments.
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resources-btBible Treasure
Daily readings for Bible beginners to use at home
This is a set of easy-to-read daily readings. Children (aged 8+), teenagers, overseas students or adults who have little or no knowledge of the Bible will benefit. Bible Treasure encourages them to read the Bible every day and to understand its wonderful message.
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resources-mcrMayflower Christian Resources
Free-to-photocopy for primary schools

Ideal for RE lessons, our Old Testament and New Testament manuals are intended for Key Stage 2 but could be used for Key Stage 1 as an activity. They can also help teachers in planning RE-themed assemblies. More than 2,300 of these teaching manuals have been sold.
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