Postage & shipping

FREE UK postage

UK postage  is FREE on all orders over £20. However, this doesn’t include Northern Ireland.

Discounted postage for Northern Ireland
Unfortunately, our courier charges extra for parcels Northern Ireland – sometimes more than we can absorb within the free postage offer. So we’re offering discounted postage instead which might turn out to be free. Apologies for any inconvenience but it’s the fairest way we can do this at present.

Step 1: Please place and pay for your order as normal using the shopping cart, which may show as free postage.
Step 2: After the order has gone through, we’ll email you afterwards if there’s additional postage to Northern Ireland. If it’s only a bit, then we’ll pay it for you 🙂

If your order is over over £20, we’ll take off our standard £3.50 postage from whatever postage is owing, if any (so you get a saving, like other UK customers). For example, if the postage to Northern Ireland is £6, we’ll take off £3.50 and just charge £2.50 for the postage. But if it’s not much at all, we’ll pay it and you’ll get free postage after all.

Dispatch timings
If books are marked ‘in stock’ then we usually aim to post them within 1-3 working days. However, our Mayflower Bible Lessons can sometimes take 1-2 weeks as we have to hand-pick and customise orders for each customer.

Postage to outside the UK
We can post overseas but please contact us first for prices before placing your order. We’ll aim to get you the best price possible.

Many thanks.
The Mayflower Christian Bookshop team