Cohabitation Or Marriage?

Author: Flanagan, Declan & Williams, Dr. Ted

Publisher: Belmount House Publishing through the Tabernacle Bookshop

Details: This Report discusses the increasing trend in cohabitation in the UK. It outlines the biblical view of marriage and shows why cohabitation is not a good idea. Exposing flaws in the arguments of those who encourage young people to live together before marriage, the Report goes on to demonstrate many of the negative consequences for those who choose to cohabit. Evidence is provided to show that those who cohabit before marriage are more likely to divorce in the future. Cohabiting women have a much worse neurotic profile than cohabiting men, and research shows that the mental well-being of women is adversely affected by a cohabiting arrangement. Information from a national survey shows that those who are cohabiting exhibit patterns of sexual behaviour that are more like those who are single or divorced than those who are married. The authors argue that marriage is God's intended way, and conclude that cohabitation is morally indefensible. The Christian Church needs to understand the issue to help reverse the current trend. The Report aims to provide information that will be of value to Christian leaders, theological students, youth workers and , of course, concerned parents.

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