Why Should I Be Interested In Church history?

Author: Beeke, Joel R. & Haykin, Michael A.G.

Publisher: Reformation Heritage Books

Details: The Word of God exalts history and calls us to study it, yet the prevailing attitude among many Christians today is that the study of the past is good for only collecting bits of entertaining trivia. Asserting that "meditating upon God's works and servants in history is not optional for the Christian but an important part of covenant faithfulness to the Lord", church historians Joel R. Beeke and Michael A.G. Haykin present seven benefits for the Christian who studies church history, and they provide practical suggestions for how they get started. Contents: History Has Meaning Under God’s Direction History Teaches Us Valuable Lessons History Builds Humility and Gratitude History Liberates Us From the Tyranny of the Present History Acquaints us with the Wisdom of Other Christians History Offers Models for Imitation History Stirs us to Praise God Applications Conclusion: How do I Start?

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