Girolamo Savonarola

Author: Bond, Douglas & McComas, Douglas

Publisher: Evangelical Press (through Ten of Those)

Details: Born in Ferrara, Italy, in 1452, Savonarola, even as a child, was serious and devout. Having entered a monastery he turned from the writings of Aristotle to read and study the Bible. Though a Roman Catholic monk to the end of his days, and not a doctrinal Reformer, there is clear evidence that Girolamo understood salvation by grace. Sent to Florence, Girolamo started to preach concerning the corruption and vice found in both the church and amongst the House of Medici, the rulers of the city. Like an Old Testament prophet he called the people to repentance. Many flocked to hear him and were aroused to turn from their evil way of life. The Medicis were eventually ousted and Savonarola was chosen as leader of the city. He sought to bring in greater reforms but many started to resent the strictness of the new regime. Imprisoned, tortured and excommunicated by the Pope Girolamo was eventually executed. As he was about to die the presiding bishop declared: I separate you from the church militant and triumphant. Savonarola replied: Militant, but not triumphant, for you have no power to separate me from the church triumphant to which I go. A moving and vivid account, it adds all the more to our understanding of the decadent times and circumstances the Reformers confronted and gives a colourful picture of the courage and zeal of a notable forerunner of the Reformation.

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