Samuel Rutherford

Author: Hannula, Richard M.

Publisher: Evangelical Press (through Ten of Those)

Details: Samuel Rutherford was a man who knew an intense love for Christ. Called to a small rural congregation in Anworth, he served his flock faithfully, seeing a blessing on his ministry as many came from the surrounding region to hear his Christ-exalting sermons. So used of God were his letters that they were a great help to persecuted believers just a few years after they were written. Spurgeon said that his letters were second only to the Bible in the way they exalted King Jesus. This short, yet insightful and moving account is a must for any who want to be introduced to a man that had such a deep love and experience of Christ. It gives a short and yet comprehensive picture for those who want to further understand how the Reformation developed in Scotland. Rutherford, being a Presbyterian, looked upon the whole nation of Scotland as being under Christ and was willing to encourage the taking up of arms to defend what he believed was the cause of right Christianity. Though we would not share this view, there can be no doubt that this account of the man who had such an intense love for Christ, is truly heart warming and very challenging.

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