A Pilgrim Path - John Bunyan's Journey

Author: Cook, Faith

Publisher: Evangelical Press (through Ten Of Those)

Details: This is a well-paced and accessible biography that will appeal to every reader. It is more than just a biography: this is a story told so that the Lord Jesus Christ is glorified and the reader can find encouragement for their own pilgrim path. Bunyan suffered in many ways and his own words express best the message this book brings: (God) can make those things that in themselves are most fearful and terrible to behold, the most pleasant, delightful and desirable things. He can make a goal more beautiful than a palace... He can so sweeten our sufferings with the honey of his word... and make them so easy by the spreading of his feathers over us that we shall not be able to say that in all the world a more comfortable position can be found.

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