Yes! Or No!

Author: North, Brownlow

Publisher: Counted Faithful

Details: The great Reformed preachers of previous generations saw no contradiction between their convictions regarding God’s sovereignty and their commission to appeal directly to sinners to go to Christ for salvation. The question - ‘Wilt thou go with this man?’ - originally asked by Eliezer to Rebekah in connection with her betrothal to Isaac stands as the great issue to be faced by every one of us in relation to the Lord Jesus Christ. Brownlow North (1810-1875) was an earnest preacher and this comes out strongly in his published works. In ‘Yes! Or No!’ he applies the tender of salvation in the Gospel with great feeling, showing how Christ, though rich beyond degree was ready to undergo the greatest humiliation and degradation to offer his riches to those who have nothing. By examining the Apostle Paul’s message to the Romans and Corinthians, he shows those to whom this offer of salvation is made and the great change made in conversion to Christ. Appended to the main body of the work, he speaks of the danger and sin of marriages between Christians and unbelievers and has a word also for backsliders, showing that to be in this state is to be spiritually unfaithful.

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