Lady Huntingdon And Her Friends

Author: Knight, Helen C.

Publisher: Counted Faithful

Details: This account of the life of Selina, Countess of Huntingdon recounts the significant role she played during the Great Awakening and in the tremendous expansion of Gospel work that followed. Lady Huntingdon could have had a glittering career at the heart of the eighteenth century English nobility but, saved by grace, she lived modestly and poured her resources into the promotion of evangelical Christianity. Churches were built, together with a college for training ministers, all under the patronage of the countess. As we follow Lady Huntingdon, we find ourselves also in the company of Isaac Watts, John Wesley, George Whitefield, Philip Doddridge, William Romaine, John Berridge and Henry Venn. Their ministries were all enriched by her counsel and generous support.

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