Author: John Cheeseman

Publisher: Day One Publications

Details: Lessons from the life of Elisha from the first ten chapters of 2 Kings. While the life of Elijah is familiar to most Christians, the mission and ministry of his successor, Elisha, is not so well known...probably because of the great drama that surrounded Elijah's service for the Lord. The majority of Elijah's miracles were performed in the context of death and destruction, whereas the miracles of Elisha were mainly to do with healing and restoration. It could therefore be argued, that Elijah was primarily a prophet of judgement, whereas his successor was more a prophet of grace. If this is so, the story of Elisha's life is very relevant to the times in which we live. Elisha prophesied in Israel during the ninth century BC as a shining light amid the darkness of idolatry and unbelief which prevailed at the time. We would therefore do well to follow his noble example as we seek to be witnesses for the Lord in our generation.

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