In God's Company - Christian Giants of Business

Author: Lupson, Peter

Publisher: Day One Publications

Details: This book tells the remarkable stories of seven exceptional entrepreneurs who founded huge business empires and became world leaders in their fields despite continual setbacks and adversity. What, then, was the secret of their success? These brilliant businessmen publicly acknowledged that they drew the courage, strength and wisdom to turn difficulties into opportunities and disasters into triumphs from their Christian faith. It inspired their business ethics and practice and earned them a reputation for integrity, quality and outstanding care for their customers and employees. All of us, whether in business or not, can identify with some of the pressures these men endured and the pain they suffered. The purpose of this book is to let them show us, through the lives they lived and the things they said, how the faith that inspired them can inspire us.The stories of Colgate, Thomas Cook, Crowell, Hartley, Heinz, Kraft and Anthony Rossi.

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