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Psalms from suffering to glory vol1

Author: Philip Eveson


Details: These latest commentaries on the Psalms are to be rated among the best. The introduction in Volume 1 is invaluable, dealing with the place of the Psalms, the way that the Holy Spirit has ordered them (so as to further reveal its purpose) and the way the whole book points us to Jesus Christ. Psalms 1 to 72 on the Servant-King. Included here are comments on the place of the Psalm headings, the use of the Psalms in personal devotion and corporate worship and a brief and straightforward overview of the nature of Hebrew poetry, which all helps to aid our understanding of this part of Gods Holy Word. There is a thorough grasp of the structure and intent of each Psalm showing the aim and concern of the Psalmist. Full of helpful application and pointers to application, much helpful light is given on some of the more difficult terms and phrases. Good exegesis sees more difficult questions addressed and faithfully explained. Reference is made continually to other parts of the word. This not only deepens our understanding but marvelously shows us the wonderful unity of Scripture. The way that God has revealed Himself in His covenants and promises, throughout the Old Testament, is applied and used to give a greater light as to the purpose and help of each Psalm. Very easy to read. These books will enable all who read the Psalms, to find further food for the soul. They are essential commentaries for anyone concerned to uncover more of the marvels of this book, which is at the centre of our Bibles. These volumes will be of great help for devotional reading and message preparation. condition: brand new, slight mark on cover

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