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Author: A.W. Pink

Publisher: The Banner Of Truth Trust

Details: The life of Elijah has gripped the thought and imagination of preachers and writers in all ages. His sudden appearance out of complete obscurity, his dramatic interventions in the national history of Israel, his miracles, his departure from earth in a chariot of fire all serve to that end. `He comes in like a tempest, who went out like a whirlwind`. says Bishop Hall; `the first that we hear from him is an oath and a threat`. Judgement and mercy were mingled throughout Elijah`s astonishing career. It is fitting that the lessons which may be drawn from Elijah `s ministry should be presented afresh to our generation. History repeats itself. The wickedness and idolatry rampant in Ahab`s reign live on in our gross 20th century`s profanities and corruptions. False prophets occupy large sphere of influence and truths dear to out evangelical forefathers have been down trodden as the mire of the street. A. W. Pink clearly felt called to the task of summiting the ungodliness of the age with the rod of God`s anger while at the same time encouraging the faithful remnant. With these objects he undertakes the exposition of Elijah`s ministry and applies it to the contemporary situation.

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