Second Hand Book

Goal Behind The Curtain

Author: Cliff Rennie

Publisher: Christian Focus Publication

Details: Doug Mackay has been spotted by the manager of Dalkirk Albion - and not without reason - as his first class performance in the match against Dalriadia shows. It's not long before talk about the European championships arises and Doug is on the team! Word soon gets out that their first match is scheduled for Czechoslovakia. Doug's father asks him to meet a mutual friend Mr Frith who has contacts with the Christian church in Eastern Europe. There is a consignment of Bibles that needs delivering to some local Czechoslovakian Christians. Doug who is a committed Christian himself agrees to make the drop even though this could put him in danger. And with Dalkirk Albion's continued success through the European championships Doug continues his dangerous exploits in Bible smuggling. But the biggest threat seems to be coming from his own team

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