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Review: The Way to True Peace and Rest

by Robert Bruce Our Price: £5.75True Peace

This book gives us six updated and edited sermons from Robert Bruce who was a leading Reformed minister in Edinburgh in the 16th and 17th centuries. The sermons expound Isaiah 38 and the illness suffered by King Hezekiah and his reaction to it.

Some of the things that Bruce highlights: the good example of Hezekiah turning to God – having been opposed by the King of Assyria, Hezekiah humbles himself when seemingly opposed by God; God’s willingness to hear prayer; Isaiah’s model obedience as a herald and preacher of God’s word; God’s sign that shows us we are not to fear death; the believer’s real struggle of faith; looking to the Spirit for His ministry and help; the balance between sovereignty and man’s responsibility.

Much here to warm and encourage believers and also stimulate preachers and pastors.

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Review: Who Is Jesus? Knowing Christ through His “I Am” Sayings

by J.V. Fesko Our Price: £7.10who is Jesus

This book is excellent in its devotional quality and the way in which it seeks to apply the truths it unfolds to the believer’s life and experience.

It looks at all the “I am” sayings of Christ (including one that many would not realise was an “I am” saying) and draws out what these sayings show us as to the person of Christ and the benefits such a Saviour bestows on the one who knows Him.

Succinct and short chapters, often including helpful detail, that other commentators have missed or passed over. The divine glory of Christ is clearly highlighted. The last chapter shows how each of the “I am” sayings were showing that Christ was claiming to be the God who revealed himself in the Old Testament.

An excellent book for all Christians and a useful source and help for those preparing messages.

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Review: Is the Trinity Practical?

by Ryan McGraw Our Price: £2.15trinity

Does the Bible teach that God is the Triune God? What place does the teaching of the Trinity have in our Christian walk and practice?

Using Ephesians 2:18 the writer shows how essential the doctrine of the Trinity is. Here we see Christ presented as the One through who we come to the Father and the Holy Spirit is also seen to be the One who brings us into fellowship with God. We have communion with and through all the persons of the Godhead. We have a Trinitarian salvation.

Our devotion to God should be Trinitarian. It is through the work of Father, Son and Holy Spirit that we enjoy communion with God. We should be Trinitarian in our piety and personal Godliness.

The Trinity has a vital bearing on all aspects of our Christian walk and practice. It shows us the nature of our relationships in the church – we are united, yet diverse in our gifts and backgrounds. This Biblical doctrine is also the source of great comfort and peace. All three members of the Godhead and united in their intent and conspiring together for our eternal good and salvation.

This booklet approaches the doctrine of the Trinity in a Biblical way and yet from a new angle. It throws new light on this central doctrine. An invaluable help for younger and older Christians alike.

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Review: How Can I Remember and Practice the Bible?

by Ryan McGraw Our Price: £2.15practice the Bible

John Owen said: When men read the word but seldom, so that the things of it are strange to them, or not familiar with them, they will be continually at a loss in what they are about.”

This booklet seeks to help us have a far greater familiarity with God’s word so as to see the fruits, that such an applied knowledge gives, to those who have hidden the word of God in their hearts.

Ten ways are given whereby we can all the more be people who know and do the word. This booklet is a good reminder to those who have been Christians for some time, as to how they should still pursue a deeper knowledge of God’s word. It is also is an invaluable help to new converts, highlighting many good habits, which if followed will greatly affect the young believer’s growth.

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Review: The Gospel of Jesus Christ

by Paul Washer Our Price: £2.50The Gospel of Jesus Christ

Here is a booklet that gives a simple yet through overview of the gospel (the good news of salvation as it is revealed to us in the Bible.)

So as to understand the gospel it is essential we must firstly understand the character of God. The writer shows us that the God who is love is also one who is Holy and Righteous. He then goes on to show us how different we are  – the true character of humanity.

The question is then asked how a just God can pardon and forgive those who deserve His condemnation? The answer to this seemingly unsolvable dilemma, is found only through the cross of Christ. We are shown how Christ stood as the great substitute for sinners and took the guilt, curse, desolation wrath and judgement sinners deserve.

The successful work of Christ in dealing with God’s justice and yet opening the way of mercy is seen in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  We are assured that, as a result of Christ’s work, all who look to Christ can be saved.

What should our response be to this great work of Christ on behalf of sinners? A thorough and helpful explanation of repentance and faith is now given and questions asked to show the reader if they have come to know these things. The reader is then shown some of the clear evidences of conversion, so as to be able to examine themselves as to where they stand. The wonderful benefits of salvation are outlined. What is expected of the one who is saved is then made clear from the Scriptures.

The writer often says to the reader in one section (whoever that reader might be – there is no qualification) such things as “Christ bore our sin”, “Christ suffered our curse”, “Christ suffered the wrath of God for us”. This paints an inaccurate picture of what Christ did at the cross – Christs died specifically to save a particular people.

It is a shame that the writer doesn’t use such terms as “Christ suffered the wrath of God for sinners” or “Christ suffered the curse that sinners deserve”.  None-the-less, this is an very good presentation of the truths of gospel and also very helpful for those who may be seeking assurance.

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Review: Is the Lord’s Day for You?

By Joseph Pipa Jnr        Our Price: £2.50Is the Lord's Day for you?

This excellent little booklet is one which can be given to those who desire to understand the Bible’s teaching as to the abiding place of the Lord’s Day. It makes clear how its institution shows us that it is perpetually binding.  From Genesis we see how God sanctified and blessed such a day and then how the day has changed from Old Testament to New.

The writer then looks at how we can keep the Lord’s day – what things can encourage us in keeping it in the right way and what pitfalls there are to avoid. Here there is some very helpful pointers and guidelines. All in all, a great help for those who wish to know what God requires of them regarding this day, with much by way of practical help and advice.

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Review: One Man & One Woman: Marriage and Same-Sex Relationships

by Joel Beeke and Paul Smalley, Our Price: £6.99
One Man & One Woman: Marriage and Same-Sex Relationships by Joel Beeke and Paul Smalley
This book sets out clearly what the Bible teaches about same-sex relationships. It very helpful for Christians who may be confused by the commentary and presentation that we continually get from the media justifying such relationships. God created gender, sex and marriage and so we cannot do with them as we please.

There is help here for Christians who struggle with homosexual desires and also for parents who may have children who are drawn towards homosexuality.

In all this book we are constantly reminded of the need to show Christ-like love those who living in this way or tempted by such desires and of the fact that God’s grace offers such liberating power to those who submit to Christ and the gospel. He foreword is written by Rosaria Butterfield –  a once ardent gay rights activist – whose life was radically changed by the gospel of God’s grace.

An excellent help to God’s people and those who may struggle with same sex attraction.

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Review: The God Who Answers Prayer – The Work of the Father, Son and Spirit in Prayer

by David Clarkson, Our Price: £5


This is a revised, updated and abridged edition of David Clarkson’s “Faith in Prayer” in modern English. Clarkson was a Puritan who suffered under the Great Ejection (1662) and eventually became assistant to John Owen.

The aim of this book is to give us every encouragement to pray.  The author shows from Scripture how the evidence that God delights to hear and answer prayer is seen in his titles and attributes. God delights to use means and the prayers of God’s people are one of the chief mean he chooses to use. Clarkson reminds us that Christ is interceding:  He appears for us in heaven, presents us and our prayers to God and intermingles His own pleas with ours.

Meanwhile the Spirit moves us and teaches us to pray, supports and helps us in prayer, as we are led by Him. Our relationship with the Father is seen as a great motivation for prayer. Clarkson examines how to pray in faith and how to see answers to prayer.

Anyone who reads this small book and follows its Biblical counsel, will find their prayer life encouraged and deepened.

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