Book Review: True Love – what the Bible says about relationships and marriage


True Love - what the Bible saysOur Price: £5.99, Dr Chris Richards, Dr Liz Jones

True Love – what the Bible says … is an excellent little book which packs a great deal of Biblical counsel into a small number of pages.

It confronts many issues which now impact markedly on our children and young people, who live and move in today’s increasingly permissive society. “Singleness and marriage,” “Going out in a way that honours God,” “Does the Bible really say that sex should be kept for marriage?” “What happens if you don’t keep sex for marriage,” “What to do if you have made mistakes?” and the temptation of pornography and dangers of social networking, are all topics and issues that are covered.

True Love – what the Bible says … addresses these by making plain what the Bible teaches and also includes some helpful and powerful testimony from those who have know what it is to follow or ignore the Bible’s guidance and commands. The subsequent consequence of their actions is made very clear and stand as lessons in themselves.

The testimony of some who have sadly succumbed to temptation, even whilst courting as a Christian couple, are very moving and instructive as they reflect on how it had really hindered their ability to truly ‘know’ the person before marriage.

More could have been said about the need to avoid long courtships, where there is no intention of considering marriage. Apart from this, the book is an excellent help for young people and pastors, who wish to instruct their youth regarding issues which are so key to establishing a good marriage, and for which there is an excruciating pressure from society to follow its course.

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Reviewed by: Mayflower Christian Bookshop team member