Mayflower Bible Lessons going digital

We hope this will enable customers to get their files sooner, print whichever pages they want themselves and however many copies they need.

Since 2021, we’ve been making an increasing number of resources from Mayflower Bible Lessons available to our customers as digital files which you can print from at home. It’s just a few files at the start, with more to follow.

They’ll also have the freedom to share the digital file with other Sunday School/children’s club teachers within the same church – without needing to buy extra copies.

This is how the digital licence works:

  • This digital copy is licensed only for use by 1 church (the church named by the person who ordered this item). Please let us know the name of the church when you order. The church name is kept on record by Mayflower Christian Bookshop. 
  • The digital copy can be shared, copied and used freely among people (ie. teachers/leaders) within the same church for as long as the church wants.
  • If the person who purchased the licence moves churches, they cannot take the license with them  (their new church would need to purchase their own licence). The licence remains with the church named at the time of purchase – and it can still keep using the digital copy.

How to purchase digital copies

  • Shop as normal for Mayflower Bible Lessons
  • Some items (starting with some of the Teacher Notes) will have a digital option available
  • Select and add to your shopping basket – and checkout as normal
  • The bookshop team will email the digital files to the email address you used with your checkout details. Files are typically emailed within 1-2 workings days. Occasionally, it may be longer because of holidays.

Please contact us if you have any questions or have not received your files (or you want them emailed to a different email address).

Many thanks,
The Bookshop Team