Mayflower Bible Lessons: New prices & postage


Many thanks to our customers for using Mayflower Bible Lessons (MBL). Every order we receive is a big encouragement to us and we hope the resources are a great help as you explain God’s word to young hearts.

Small price increase and free postage
We’ve just increased our prices very slightly. This is so we can make postage much simpler and free of charge in many cases.

Previously, we weighed and priced postage per individual order. But this took extra time and made it difficult for people to know beforehand what the final bill would be when the invoice arrived.

So now we’re introducing a ‘flat fee’ of £2.20 for UK postage on orders up to £10. But UK postage (excluding Northern Ireland) on orders over £10 is completely free of charge. We hope the small price increases will be balanced out overall by the postage savings and still represent great value for churches and clubs. See more about postage here.

What about older order forms?
Some customers may still be using older order forms with the previous pricing and postage costs. We’re happy to honour these forms until Dec 31, 2014.

Many thanks again
The Mayflower Christian Bookshop team