Review: How Do I Kill Remaining Sin?


Book Review: How Do I Kill Remaining Sin?Our Price: £1.60, Geoffrey Thomas, Reformed Heritage Books

This very helpful booklet, which can be read in one sitting, seeks to encourage the Christian in their battle with indwelling sin.

The sections on, “Every Christian is dead to the dominion of sin and death,” “Every Christian has to deal with the constant presence of the flesh” and “Every Christian is to be constantly killing remaining sin” are some of the most helpful that can be read in explaining what has happened to the Christian and what is yet to be done.

Following the Reformed teaching of “definitive” and “progressive” sanctification – the break with the old life and yet the conflict that remains with the flesh, is clearly, concisely and yet powerfully explained.

The need to continue with the “killing off” of remaining sin is made clear using the Scriptures. Helpful application is made with some very helpful counsel and timely illustrations, tackling three common modern problems: drunkenness, adultery and pornography.

This booklet is a great encouragement. Reading it reminds one again of the powerful work Christ has done in our hearts as believers and how different the true child of God is from those who do not know Christ. It emphasises the privilege and joy of growing in godliness and doing battle against sin.

This would be an excellent help for young Christians, explaining to them what they have experienced, the conflict they now must now give themselves to and to whom they must now look.

How Do I Kill Remaining Sin? is also a booklet that could be given to those struggling with sin or who are lacking assurance. It is an invaluable help for any believer who is struggling with a particular sin. It would also be a great help to anyone seeking to counsel those who are despairing because of continued failure.

There is an increasing acceptance of worldliness and a lack of separation from that which gives God, in much evangelical Christianity. This booklet warns of all that is to be lost by adopting such a path and yet also of all that is to be received by those who seek to overcome and kill off remaining sin.

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Reviewed by: Mayflower Christian Bookshop team member