Review: Is it True? Evidence for the Bible

Is it True - Evidence for the Bibleby Clive Anderson and Brian Edwards, Day One, Our Price: £1.00

This small pocket booklet is worth its weight in gold. In a few pages it shows some of the many evidences there are for the trustworthiness of the Bible.

Amongst some of the archaeological finds it lists are those concerning Noah and the world wide flood, the Hittites, the conquest of Canaan all the way through to the defeat of the Babylonian empire, the rebuilding of the temple and then into the New Testament era with the census under Caesar Augustus and Pontius Pilate.

The reader’s attention is shown how all these discoveries time and again, so wonderfully confirm the accuracy of God’s word. Though we know salvation is a work of God’s grace and that no one can be saved through being “argued” into the kingdom, apologetics help to clear away stumbling blocks so as to allow a sincere consideration of the truth.

This booklet is of great encouragement to the believer, but also an invaluable tool in evangelism. Pocket size, several could be carried and distributed to inquirers and those we have opportunity to witness to, so as to confront them with the need to seriously consider God’s infallible word.

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