Mayflower 400: Spiritual truths revealed behind Mayflower Pilgrims’ story – book published to mark anniversary

Mayflower Christian Books is delighted to announce the reprinting of The Mayflower Pilgrims and their Pastor — to mark the 400 year anniversary of the ship’s voyage to America.

Author David Fountain describes the firmly-held beliefs of the Pilgrims and their Pastor, John Robinson, and their desire to be able to live and worship according to their conscience — issues that are highly relevant for today.

This book, priced at £6 plus postage, will prove a valuable reference for today’s pastors, scholars and those interested in Protestant church history.

“David Fountain’s book is a welcome popular account of the earliest New England settlers, for the present volume helps to bring our ancestors back into proper focus. They certainly were not philosophers of freedom, nor rebels against the crown, but humble servants of God.”
Pastor Walter Chantry, Pennsylvania, USA

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