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Tony – Finding God when life changes dramatically

“A remarkable book by a courageous and inspiring young man.”
— Yorkshire Evening Post

Tony tells the true story of a young British man whose life is cut short by illness. As he battles with poor health, Tony is wonderfully saved by the Lord Jesus Christ.

Like many young people today, Tony’s life was hectic … out until the early hours, enjoying martial arts, and spending time with his girlfriend. 

One day, a dull ache began in his back. Soon, his life had changed.

Two years later, Tony could say …

“I have never been so contented as I am now. This statement comes as a surprise to many people who assume I should be bitter. How is it possible for a young man of 21 years to face agonies of pain, relieved only by increased doses of morphine and heroine, the prospect of decreased mobility and, indeed, of death itself, and yet to say that he is happier and more fulfilled than he has ever been?”

It’s a compelling and moving story, which Tony tells in his own words.

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