Review: The Precious Things of God

by Octavius Winslow Our Price £7.20Precious things of God

This heart-warming and challenging book presents to us many of those precious things that we have in God and in Christ. We are caused to consider the many wonderful things that perhaps we do not often take time to consider as we should and how such things are precious to the child of God and used of God for their good.

Winslow takes the reader through 12 themes all intended to warn the heart, especially of those who are going through trials.

Using the text, “How precious are your thoughts unto me, O God!” (Psalm 139:17) Winslow states: “ It is marvellous that God should think of us as He does. That, infinitely great and holy – all worlds, all beings, all events occupying His mind – He should yet have individual thoughts of us, those thoughts not mere passing glance of the mind but involving the pre-determined and pre-arrangement of each event, circumstance and step in our personal history…”

Such is an example of the comfort that the writer gives in this encouraging and comforting work.

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