Review: The Deacon: Biblical Foundations for Today’s Ministry of Mercy

By Cornelius Van Dam Our Price £14.99The Deacon

This book uses the Scriptures to show the vital importance of a ministry that has often been neglected, misunderstood or undervalued. With the focus so much in recent year on the very necessary provision of elders for churches, many have lost sight of the fact that both elders and deacons are Christ’s gift to the church.

There is much here by way of practical instruction as to the roles deacon’s should undertake in the church under Christ. The writer shows from Scripture how women deacons are supported in the word of God. Yet he also shows how women can play a great role in support of the deacons.

Very helpful study questions help to stimulate thought and  assessment as to our own church practice. Men who are deacon and those who may well be called to the diaconate have here an invaluable help and resource.

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