Review: John Bunyan and the Grace of Fearing God

By Joel Beeke and Paul Smalley Our Price £11.25bunyan_fear_God

This book shows us that the fear of God is part of a true Christian’s experience. It describes the “grace of fear” – that a right fear of God is one of the marks of grace – that someone has truly come to know the Lord. It distinguishes this fear from that slavish and craven fear born of a fear of God’s wrath and due the unrelieved sense of guilt and condemnation, as found in the unbeliever.

The life and writings of John Bunyan are the model and example used to define and describe this fear. It is made clear how Bunyan’s fear of God flowed from a right view of God and His majesty as found in the Bible. It was a unifying thread that marked out his life and enabled him to withstand persecution and yet know great authority and faithfulness in his own ministry. It produced a joyful, child-like fear that was in awe of the God who is yet gracious and full of loving kindness.

In many Christian circles there is little evidence of this “grace of fearing God” – this fear and deep respect which goes hand in hand with an intense love for God. This book is a great guide and reminder of the place and nature of such a fear. It was the  heartbeat of a man who was one of the most loved and admired Christians.

The not overly long book, is full of detail concerning Bunyan’s conversion and life and his work’s such as ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ and ‘The Holy War’. Having taken us through the core of Bunyan’s works, and whetted our appetites, it encourages us to plunge into more of his writings.

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